Bracelet "Fred" Onyx / obsidian snow

Modular bracelet in pearls of fine stones and European metal beads.

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Bracelet "Fred":
Stunning modular bracelet in fine stones with 10 European metal beads (covered with hypoallergenic varnish). This bracelet is to wear according to your desires! It consists of 3 independent bracelets. You can modulate it according to your wishes by wearing the 3 bracelets together or separately. The fine stone beads are AAA grade. The whole is mounted on a double steel cable and closes with rhodium clasps (very corrosion resistant) and magnetized.

Length of the bracelet 22cm approximately

The metals used are lead free, nickel free and cadmium free.

Trademark. Copy prohibited.

Warning for pacemaker wearers : Because of the presence of 3 magnetic clasps on this jewel, please consult your doctor before wearing this bracelet, thank you!

Onyx or black agate:

Origin : China

Ground anchor stone. The black agate refocus our energies. It brings in us an unknown energy coming from the earth and helps us to overcome our habits and our limits; It helps to disperse the negative energies by providing us with a feeling of calm and security. Stone to protect against negative energies.

Odsidian snow :

Origin : Italy

In this variety, zones are observed where the glass has lost its vitrification, giving the surface a speckled appearance. Balanced between black and white, it reminds us of the starry night sky. Balance stone between YIN and YANG, it works by balancing the mind and emotions. It is also a very good protective stone.

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