WELCOME IN MY SMALL SHOP!

 Here you will find only "handmade" creations.

I try, as far as possible, to make only unique and original pieces or very limited series (only a few copies).

I work according to my inspiration of the moment or according to the personal tastes of each request (do not hesitate to let me know!). I use essentially Swarovski beads and crystals, "made in France" or European products, fine stones of high quality.

Each metal jewel (guaranteed lead free, nickel free and cadmium free) is covered with 2 layers of hypoallergenic varnish for the following reasons:
- minimize the risk of skin reactions (this goes without saying).
- considerably lengthen its lifetime while avoiding "green traces" due to the oxidation of the metal (copper or brass contained in it).

The chains that I use, are made of stainless steel, the earring ties are either silver 925 or surgical steel. All my piercings are surgical steel.

It is naturally advisable in order to prolong the life of jewelry:
- to avoid passing them under the water (showers, baths, swimming pool, seawater, etc ...).
Only surgical steel parts or stainless steel parts are resistant. The silver blackens with chlorine and under the effect of various soaps or shampoos.
  - avoid putting perfume on it.
- do not put them in direct contact with a cosmetic product (make sure to penetrate your cream, lotion or other before carrying the jewels!).
- not to store them in a humid room such as the bathroom.
- You can also regularly apply a layer of clear nail polish.

If you have an urge, a question leave me a message before placing an order. I promise to reply as soon as possible.
And if an article pleases you and has already been sold, contact me, it is possible that I can do it again almost identical ...

I thank you for the trust you place in me and I hope you will find your happiness.

Have a great day !

Good visit !

(Please forgive my translation errors !)